Why are we doing this?

Engineering You’re Hired is all about obtaining the skills, and evidence of those skills that will make you a highly employable engineer. The way that you will do this is in getting some experience working in the way that a professional engineer would do, and facing some of the challenges of the real workplace that employers may ask you about on application forms and at interviews.

As well as the technical skills, an employer is likely to want yo to be able to display a range of other skills that will help you:

  • Work effectively – Can you set your own goals , making sure you tackle the key problems to achieve your aim? Can you manage your time so that you meet deadlines?
  • Work with your colleagues – Can you cooperate with a team to achieve a common goal? Can you explain your technical knowledge to non-specialists? Can you interpret and take into account factors outside of your specialism in reaching a decision?
  • Work with a client – Can you understand the factors of importance to industry, not just the technical goals. Can you produce work of a high standard even under pressure and shifting deadlines (or goals)?

Some of the general skills that you should be able to show you possess by the end of your degree are summarised below:


The Engineering You’re Hired week will give you examples of when you have shown these skills that you can tell employers about.

There will be prizes for the best presentations!

*It is not expected that groups will develop a full technical solution or design to ‘solve’ the problem as there will not be enough time in the week.  Instead, you should research existing solutions and produce outline ideas / solutions showing consideration of, and adaptation to the wider social, ethical and sustainability issues associated with the community.