Rank your preferred project in order of interest

This year we are asking you to rank your five preferred projects in order of interest. This information will then be fed into an optimisation programme which will consider student preference along with ensuring groups are comprised from students of several different departments. We cannot ensure you get your first choice but the optimisation process is intended to both accommodate your interest while also ensuring that groups will have the variety of knowledge and skills necessary to tackle the multidisciplinary projects.

If you don’t make a preference then you will be assigned a project that is popular with students from your own discipline area. This will most likely not be what you would have chosen yourself, so please take the opportunity to choose.

What you need to do to rank your preferred projects:

  1. Read the projects listed below (note clicking on the title will reveal the project description) and decide on your five preferred projects.
  2. Ensure you are logged into the University MUSE system (we need you to do this first, as this is how we identify you).
  3. When you have looked at the projects and know your preferences follow this link to rank your choices:

Rank your preferences here by Friday 14th December 2018!


We will then feed the data into an optimisation programme and let you know your project, team and hub details in the week beginning Monday 15th January.

If you have any questions, please email Michael on eyh@sheffield.ac.uk.

Project Titles

  1. Additive Manufacture of Building
  2. Biomimetic Domestic Buildings
  3. Commercial electric aircraft
  4. Nuclear Desalination Plant
  5. Automated Subaquatic Mineral Extraction
  6. Remote Healthcare Monitoring
  7. Deconstruction Robots
  8. Scavenging Energy from the Sewers
  9. Autonomous/Semi-Autonomous Monitoring of Industrial Plants
  10. Swarm Robots for Precision Agriculture
  11. Internet of Things: Smart Rural Roads
  12. Making Cycling Safer
  13. Making homes “smarter”
  14. Improving the Emergency Services
  15. Space Debris
  16. Ocean Debris